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Latest news and photos

What an wonderful critique from the judge Hound Specialist  Diane Cook


OD (2) 1st McKenzie's TESSIDEZ BULLEN OF MOORLANDER (imp swe)
Dog of substance with excellent bone, well arched feet, balanced head with good length of foreface, a shade strong in skull, clean eye, kind expression, low set ears of good length, first class front assembly, long muscular neck, good keel, deep brisket, strong topline, moved with ease, sound. RBD & ResBIS.


Reserve Best in Show for the lovely  Tuscan at the ABB Open show

Chevy also competing  - its his first ever trials

Tuscan competing at The ABB

Trials in the Cotswolds

photos courtesy of Leonarda Pogodzinski

Chevy - the prettiest puppy ever  - and still very pretty , like his Dad!

Tuscan and I were very proud at the ABB Ch show with 3 of his pups competing and then winning  Best Dog - congratulations to Hannah and Carlos , and Best Bitch, and also 2 youngsters from his recent litter just spectating - pictured in the middle here is  the very lovely  Huxley  who is quite the mini Tuscan !

Photos from the ABB Ch  Show courtesy of Leo Pogodzinski

Congratulations to Jill and Liberty  who were awarded their 3rd CC ,at the ABB Ch show , now Ch Moorlander Cacharel  ( subject to KC approval)

Tuscan  and the gang , now 2 years 4 months!

Fantastic day at the ABB Open Show
My Moorlander Givenchy was reserve Best in Show and Best Bitch, Moorlander Dior Reserve Best Dog , & Moorlander Guy Laroche owned by Hannah Pennington was Best in Show

Video courtesy of

Sue Shaw Browne

ABB photos courtesy of Leonarda Pogodzinski

Manchester Ch show - very proud that  Chevy aka   Moorlander Dior was awarded the res dog CC by judge Liz Cartledge.

Afterwards we managed to get a family photo  - Moorlanders Dior, Cacharel  owned by Jill Harrington and Guy Laroche owned by Hannah Pennington,  Unfortunately the boys were a bit distracted by something behind them !!


A really lovely 17 month black blanket who took my eye immediately. She made the perfect picture when stacked. Everything to like about her, so full of quality and promise. Excelled in head with clear eyes, correct bite and long leathers. Good reach of neck and strong hindquarters. Super front and good depth with great top line. Lovely temperament. Strong confident mover. A quality youngster who must have a bright future. RCC

ILexus and Chevys first Trophies. And amazing critiques fromDIana Dixon'

Photo courtesy Leonarda Pogodzinski


17 month black blanket in tip top condition. Pleasing head, clear eyes, correct bite and good length of leathers. Nice front, deep chest and well set stern. Owned the ring as he moved confidently and fluidly around. Must have a bright future.

Its the 3.15 at Lydford !

Chevy has claimed the cone as his own!

Thrilled that  Bugatti & Chevy got their working permits last week  , and this week it was the ABB Ch Show  where Breed specialist judge Diana Dixon awarded Lexus aka Moorlander Givenchy , Reserve Bitch CC .

                             Tuscan was the very proud father in the stud dog class with 4 of  his children!

ABB show Photo's courtesy of Leonarda Pogodzinski

 Showtime - at last

Lexus and Chevy attended their first show - the Bloodhound club, first time out anywhere , ever ! They behaved so well. Chevy awarded a 1st , Lexus 2nd beaten by  the BOB winner. Their brother Moorlander Guy Laroche , owned by Hannah Pennington also 'debuted' here and was awarded 2 1sts.

At the Houndshow , at her first show Moorlander Cacharel , owned by Jill Harrington ,  was awarded  the
CC  for Best Bitch.
So incredibly proud of all of them!

It was lovely to see 5 of the litter in the ABB  fun Virtual head show - with Bugatti  here on the right , winning his class


Nosey neighbours !!

I've received  some beautiful photos of 2 of the boy pups , now 12 months old  - Boyd  on the left with Banff on the right. Thank you to their owners

Tuscan - Heart melting!

Lexus is still practicing - waiting for a show to go to!

The very beautiful Tuscan

Tuscan is happy to have his favourite pillow Lexus back! Lexus  has been  staying with a friend while in season , having a fantastic time at her  'holiday home' in Devon! Did she miss us .....  her sofa's perhaps!

Lexus and Chevy having a show practice,hoping  shows will be back while they're  still puppies!!

Pups at 5 months and enjoying a day out with Tuscan & their friends

The whole litter at 5 months old

Growing up - now just over 4 months , left to right Bugatti, Lexus , Chevy 

  &  Tuscan with Bugatti

The next generation of Moorlanders  - continuing with car names - Bugatti , Chevy and Lexus

Puppies !! 

Tessidez Bullen of Moorlander  (Tuscan ) & Adorandus Prudence ( Seville) winning Res CC's                                LKA 2019

Tuscan counting his trophies ,    Seville winning her class       and       PLAYTIMES 

And some of my old favourite photos

Weatheroak Huntsman  & Sherlock Merlot of Moorlander  Royce  & Bentley

Royce  and Healey

Relaxing by the fire

left to right - Healey, Penny the Cavalier. Royce & Jensen

Berkeley and Charger

Father and son

Farlap Baracnik of Moorlander (Berkeley) and  Marbilus Dean by Moorlander ( Dino )


 Berkeley , Charger, Healey & Shelby

                                Berkeley & Healey


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