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I was born into a dog showing family , showing my parents gundogs and cavaliers ( Dunbara ) from a very young age , pictured on the right  here with my cocker spaniel Princess  Gigi of Dunbara  from the 1970's. I would always watch the Bloodhound judging at shows whenever possible , between showing our breeds - some of which  are pictured below - Dunbara's and Zacara's , my sisters affix.

In 1997 I bought my first hound  Weatheroak Huntsman  from Pauline & Eden Griffiths , he was soon joined by Weatheroak Jackpot  and Trailfinder Auspicious . These were followed  by several hounds  from Shirley Porters Sherlock kennel,  along with Farlap , Sanft and Marbilus Kennels , bringing us up to date  with a Swedish Import Tessidez Bullen of Moorlander , who 's father is from beautiful French lines ,new to the UK and my first female  Adorandus Prudence,.

I judge  at both shows and trials ,  as well as judging Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and am  on the PBGV/GBGV judges lists. All my bloodhounds are dual purpose competing in shows and trials.

Been working at a Motor Museum recently,  perfect for someone who names their hounds after cars , perhaps 'Duesenberg' next??

Joint top Puppy 2018

Tuscan attended  only 3 Championship shows as a puppy and was awarded best Puppy in Breed at all of them

Great day at LKA 2019, with Tuscan & Seville both being awarded the Reserve Challenge Certificates by Breed specialist judge Gillian Lamb



He was also awarded Reserve Best Dog at the ABB open show Best in Show at Bloodhound Club open and a certificate of merit at his first Bloodhound Trials

Seville joined us at Moorlander early 2018 and been very lightly shown.She was awarded BOS at Paignton Ch show. and Best Limit at the Bloodhound Club Ch show.


   28/6/15 - 1/4/20

Its always devasting when a beloved pet dies  but was  truly  heartbreaking to lose this beautiful girl when her 9  puppies were only 3 weeks.old.

They are growing up with many of her traits -super looks and loving natures.

Chevy - Moorlander Dior

Lexus - Moorlander Givenchy

Bugatti - Moorlander Cartier

  Tessidez Bullen of Moorlander

       & Moorlander Givenchy

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